Metering and Monitoring

Measure and monitor in-situ usage, with excess returned to grid. For those businesses with renewables such as solar panels, battery arrays and wind power, the Eticom Cloud™ system will measure and monitor in-situ usage with excess amounts returned to the grid. This data is available on a daily basis to communicate the benefits of your renewables and compare the saving to the initial budget that resulted in the decision to invest.


Monitor energy consumed, imported and generated.

Compare your savings against the decision to initially invest in renewables.

Measure in-situ renewables generated and used.

Keep track of usage and expenses with regular readings sent to your dashboard.

When generating, any excess energy returned to the grid.

Excess renewables generated will be returned to the grid to prevent wastage.

Store excess energy produced inside a battery.

When your solar panels aren’t producing electricity, you can draw from the battery.

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