Features & Benefits

Gain visibility, knowledge, control and insight with the Eticom™ cloud-based SaaS systems. Be part of the Internet of Things using M2M communication. Manage all critical operational functions centralised in the desktop dashboard. Transform your inefficient building into a truly “dmart” building, paid for from savings made by eradicating wasted energy and gaining operational efficiencies.

Cloud dashboard

Complete overview and control

Cloud Dashboard

Smart controls

Control from anywhere and any device

Smart Controls

Return on investment

An investment - not a cost

Return on Investment


Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting



Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning


Heat networks

Meter, monitor and bill

Heat Networks


Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems


Multi-tenanted buildings


Income generation

Bulk energy purchases

Income Generation

Utility Management

Monitor utilities and save money

Utility Management

Building Operators

Save on operational costs

Building Operators

Lease Rental

Spread the cost of the system

Lease Rental

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