Are you using energy inefficiently in your building?

Our smart building & energy management systems (BEMS) can help!
  • Automated metering, management & billing

  • Cloud-based software

  • Eradicate wastage

  • Improve sustainability and efficiency

  • Achieve Net Zero Carbon with our technology

  • Live usage data for ESG reporting

Powered by Eticom Cloud™

Your Dashboard

Hardware, software, business and innovations. Eticom Cloud™ enables your building and assets to become part of the Internet of Things. It allows you to control your costs by reducing utility consumption, eradicating waste and cutting operational overheads. The revenue generated produces an ROI of less than one year and you can spread the cost over three, four or five years.

eticom cloud

Metering and Monitoring

Effortless monitoring, automated meter readings and usage monitored in real-time.


Monitor usage and measure burn rate, automated meter readings.

Gas & Heat

Heating, hot water and process monitored separately.


Detect water leaks, monitor daily usage. Sub-meter zones.


Measure and monitor in-situ usage with excess returned to grid.

Building Controls

Complete control, monitor status and manage your building with scheduling.

Lighting Control

Scheduling, individual lights remotely controlled.

Relay Control

Scheduling and remotely controlled relays.

Climate & HVAC

Scheduling and individual unit management.

Emergency Lighting

Ensure lights are working, complete building compliance.

Metering, management and billing

Building and tenant management, automated metering and billing.

Tenant Management

Automated readings and billing for tenants
utility usage.

Building Manager

Complete building management, lease, contracts and tenant login for billing.

Commercial & Industrial





Hotels & Leisure

What our clients say

“The Eticom™ system is proving to be a very helpful tool in the monitoring of the true consumption of our site’s energy. The data that the system provides us, combined with an easy to read dashboard, is both accurate and concise. Eticom Cloud™ is a great system that will inevitably prove an invaluable tool and reap its own rewards.”

Elliot BuckbyFacilities & Maintenance Manager - Hormann Doors

“Eticom’s Landlord Services has completely revolutionised the way I bill my tenants by automating the process for me. It saves me time, staff costs and associated wages. The Project has paid for itself within three months, giving me much higher profit levels than I originally anticipated.”

Adel LababediMD - The Colony

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