Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

The UK government scheme has legislated increased requirements for energy and carbon emissions reporting, putting more responsibility on organisations to produce reports on how they measure and report their emissions.


Who needs to comply?

UK incorporated companies are required to comply with SECR if they have two of the three qualifying conditions; at least 250 employees, an annual turnover greater than £36m and an annual balance sheet total over £18m.

What is required?

Companies must report energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis through the current system of company accounts reporting, including all UK electricity, gas, and transport energy use.

For large unquoted companies, SECR requires the inclusion of all energy usage within the UK, for quoted companies, the scope includes all global energy use and carbon emissions.

Companies are also required to report on energy efficiency actions taken over the previous years.


How Eticom™ can help

Eticom™ allows your business to meet all of the requirements of SECR by metering and monitoring all forms of energy including: electricity, gas, water and renewables. Reports are generated on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

The Eticom™ system allows your business to clearly show reduction in energy usage through the use of smart building controls, enabling control of: lighting, HVAC and relays.

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