Income Generation

Eticom™ systems can generate revenue for landlords and building manager

By consolidating energy & broadband purchases and gaining bulk discounted rates, you can offer these services to your tenants through our billing platform. The pass-through rates are well below what the tenant could currently buy at and the landlord can retain the margin differential.


Multi-Tenanted Buildings

In a typical multi-tenanted building scenario, a tenant in a one-bed apartment would pay around 20p per kwh for electricity. However, a large landlord could buy as low as 13.6p per kwh. If you were to offer the utility at say 17.5p per kwh, then the margin would be 3.9p per kwh. Given that a small use residential tenant would spend approximately £650 on electricity a year, which equates to 3,250 kwh, the margin could be as much as £126 per tenant.

Commercial Buildings

In a commercial environment the electricity expenditure would be much higher and a typical 12,000 square foot unit with offices could consume as much as 35,000 kwh at say 17.5p per kwh. In this case the revenue could be as much as £1,300 per year for the landlord.


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