The most comprehensive cloud-based building management system on the market

Our automated cloud-based software and building management system saves you time and money, it allows you to access all areas of control, monitoring and bill validation for all your buildings 24/7 from your desktop or via the mobile app, anywhere you are located, even when the building is unoccupied. You can manage tenant or communal spaces and understand where your building is burning energy unnecessarily.

Whether you are the property owner, landlord, building manager, facilities manager, tenant or accountant, you can see, verify and control everything remotely.

Utility Monitoring

Meter and monitor gas, electricity, water and renewables. See past usage, reports and usage as a whole and by area.

Monitor energy consumed, imported and generated by renewables, allowing you to compare your savings against the initial decision to invest.

View automated daily, monthly and yearly meter readings. Determine cost by machinery or area such as office or factory and reduce overall spending.

Building Controls

Control and schedule your lighting, relays and HVAC with our building controls. From any device anywhere in the world.

Timed lighting, relay and HVAC schedules can be changed at any time, control of individual lights, relays and HVAC units throughout the premises.

Full BS5226 emergency lighting compliance with our comprehensive system. All results are sent to your dashboard alerting you to faults.

Building & Tenant Management

Automatically read tenants meters and generate bills, see an overview of your building or an entire estate, viewing occupancy rates, lease length and end dates.

Generate revenue from bulk energy purchases, allowing the resale of energy to your customers at a higher rate than purchased while remanining cheaper than regular suppliers.

Monitor and report faults and repairs in real-time.

Activity Log

See an overview of staff activity across the entire company for every module and receive alerts for the whole system if there is a fault or maintenance required.

The overview includes recent changes, such as an individual light being switched on or an entire lighting schedule being changed.

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