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We have moved!

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After an incredible 2016, Eticom has moved
to a bigger location in Stockport, UK

We’ve started 2017 as we mean to go on by moving to a brand new unit in Bankside Business Park, Coronation Street, Stockport, over four times bigger than our previous office space in Rossendale. With incredible new features about to launch with our Eticom Cloud software, and our product range scaling to offer new functionality, the move was essential to accommodate the rate of growth the company is experiencing.

Our new address is:

Unit 6 Bankside Business Park,
Coronation Street,
Stockport, SK5 7PG

We hope you will come and visit us soon to see how our products can save your business time and money. We’ll put the kettle on!


Just how clever are Smart Meters?

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With revised forecasts for the savings for the public, we ask the question are smart meters as clever as they seem?

The headlines were flattering for the Government last week, with claims that they strategically released news that are rolling back their forecast of benefits for UK Households by a whopping £500 million as Donald Trump’s presidential victory hit a shocked world.  So what exactly does this mean for the Smart Meter scheme?

Gordon Brown’s plan to roll out smart meters across the country was estimated to cost £7billion over ten years ago, but that’s now increased by £54million, and the potential savings for end users is looking like it will be just £11 per household in 2020. For business, this is looking even bleaker. No wonder the powers that be wanted it swept under the carpet.

So what exactly is a ‘Smart Meter’?

The new generation of gas and electricity meters are digital products that use the DCC secure communication network to send accurate energy use wirelessly to your supplier.  In theory, this should mean no more bills using estimated meter readings, more accurate bills and a clearer picture for end users’ energy use. The purported savings are set to come from users monitoring their energy use and reducing their consumption, made possible by real-time displays.

But with the costs to implement them being footed by the big six energy companies, who are always out to protect their profits, are we guaranteed to see any saving at all?

For business, Eticom has the answer

Eticom’s system is so much more than a smart meter. Yes, we accurately monitor your electricity use, but unlike the Smart Meters, we show you exactly how much each individual circuit costs you, not just your whole building. We break down your costs into categories, letting you to see the burn rate for individual departments, and even how much power you’re using out of office hours. And to really make sure you save money, we show you how much you can save by switching your tariff.

Add to this our other fantastic features, such as automated meter reading, landlord services, water and gas monitoring, the benefits of installing Eticom is clear. So why not guarantee your business’s savings with a smart system, not just a Smart Meter.


Solar Tiles from Tesla

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Elon Musk announces glass solar roof tiles to revolutionise the look of solar energy.

We’re always impressed with Elon Musk here at Eticom, but these beautiful glass roof tiles that are individual solar panels are a new high. Eliminating the need for traditional photovoltaic modules, these incredible tiles look and act just like normal slate, but are also collecting and storing energy for use in the home (and, of course, the Tesla vehicles too).

Tesla’s ethos for creating integrated spaces is one we are especially passionate about. Our director, Lee Roche, has been working with systems integration for over 15 years and has always been an advocate for making homes a smart space in which people live, rather than a shelter that costs us all thousands of pounds each year.

Their vision for an electric car, power wall and solar tiles certainly fits in with our vision. The newest addition to our software stack will include a dashboard that monitors renewable energies and their storage, going some way to achieve Lee’s goal of getting everyone off the grid.

Of course, the success of Tesla’s new products will come down to the price. With Musk suggesting they will cost less than a new roof plus solar panels, we’ll wait and see how economically viable they are, as well as how efficiently they generate the power we are all clamouring for. But we’d certainly put our money on Mr Musk getting it spot on.


Introducing our new Dashboard!

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Eticom Cloud unveils the bigger, better, all-new Electricity Dashboard that saves you time and money.

After an incredible 6 months, we’re pleased and proud to announce the launch of our brand new Electricity Dashboard, packed full of all the data you need to save time and money. We’ve completely redesigned the layout for an at-a-glance view of everything you need, as well as adding in a few extra special features.

Your favourite features are still there, as we continue to display your power use in kWh by circuit and how much this costs, but we’ve also added in a few new things to give you a broader picture of what’s going on in your building.

The most noticeable addition is the Tariff Checker widget, which checks what you’re currently spending and lets you know if there’s a cheaper deal out there. A few clicks later, and you’re on the cheapest possible contract. If you’re tied up in a contract, the software will create an alert to remind you 120 days before the end to use the widget and find a better deal. We’ll only ever show you the cheapest deal available on the day, not the deal that offers us a big commission payout, as our goal is to save you money.

Another fantastic new feature is the After Hours widget, which breaks down your energy consumption after you’ve gone home. Set your usual working hours in our setup wizard and we’ll show you exactly how much you’re spending when the office is closed.

Our Burn Rate widget looks at your energy consumption from a department point of view, so you can see costs for individual processes within your business. By setting up your categories we can tell you exactly how much the manufacturing department costs, or see how much marketing are spending, all from one dashboard view.

The new dashboard is available now, so contact us today and get your building working smarter.


EMEX 2015

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Eticom wows at EMEX 2015!

We had an incredible time at the EMEX 2015 show, taking place in EXCEL London on 11-12th November. Our characteristic branding stood out brilliantly, with our model buildings and grass flooring, and our stand had a busy flow of visitors from across a range of industries. The feedback from our product was fantastic and we’re looking forward to a very busy 2016.


Eticom Cloud launches

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Eticom are pleased to announce the launch of their brand new software, Eticom Cloud!

In development for almost two years, the Eticom Cloud software is the best way to keep on top of your utilities, helping you to save money and the environment too. Eticom Cloud provides full access to what your building consumes, and breaks it down into categories or processes, helping you to see how much each department of your business costs to run.

Designed for customers with multiple buildings, the software is simple to use, easy to configure and provides the most detailed view of your building’s electricity use available on the market today. We’ll be launching the software at the upcoming EMEX show at EXCEL, London in a few weeks time, so come and visit us then!

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